These photographs were all taken at a small deer park found deep in the countryside of Northamptonshire. Being only 28 red deer in the park, it’s very easy to become attached to the animals, having to feed and look after them everyday. You begin to get to know their different personalities and mannerisms, which ones are friendly and which ones are shy.

Human nature dictates that at least some form of compassion towards the animal will be invoked after prolonged contact. Giving the deer names makes it even harder for when they have to be culled each year, for this reason Stephen (the owner) is never present when Richard (the game keeper) comes for the shoot, neither does he choose which ones should go.

I hope that these images show the truth of where the venison that we eat comes from and the process of how it’s prepared for human consumption. I wanted my photographs to be accurate in showing what happens with the animals throughout the process in its blunt harsh reality.