The Game Shoot

These images are part of a wider body of work where I have looked into country traditions. For three months I attended various game shoots at estates within East Anglia. I was very interested to see how the traditions and culture of the sport have been upheld. My aim was to show the two different sides of a shoot; the beaters who work the day and the guns that pay for the days shooting. Although the hierarchies of the 18th century have since diluted, shooting traditions are still upheld, thus the guns and beaters don’t interact at all throughout the day.

I found interesting the controversy that my previous works have sparked, even though these traditional methods of game meat are far more humane for the animal than the mass-produced meats found in supermarkets.

I believe it’s really important that we document country sports such as this whilst we can. Currently there has been talk of the EU banning lead shot because of possible damage to our water supplies. This would make a serious impact on the game shooting industry. Steel shot is an option, but may not be viable as it’s more prone to ricochet, and is not always as humane.